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Xenon vs LED Lights: Which is better Lights Source

Before we get into a detailed comparison of the two modern lighting technologies, xenon and LED, we would like to give you a general introduction to halogen, xenon and LED headlight bulbs and automotive lighting technologies: Halogen


Probably the cheapest and most proven form of headlight is the halogen bulb. A distinction is made between classic reflector headlights, where only the cover or diffusing lens of the bulb and the reflector determine the light output. The more modern projector headlamps have lenses directly in front of the bulb to better direct the light output. Although they are inexpensive to replace, they have a short life.


Headlights with xenon gas lamps have been around since the 1990s, so they are a proven technology, but they were much more expensive and less common than halogen lamps, especially in the early days. Xenon lamps have a much better light output than halogen bulbs and produce a cold white, almost blue light. Cars with xenon bulbs are significantly more expensive than cars with halogen bulbs for several reasons. A high-voltage signal generated by a special control unit is required to create the arc. Because of the high light output, the vehicles require additional measures to protect other drivers from glare, such as a headlight cleaning system and automatic headlight leveling. LED


The most advanced technology of the three – LED headlamps – is available in several variants. In addition to those with an LED light unit behind a lens, similar to halogen projector headlights or xenon headlights, there is also the LED matrix light variant. In this case, many LEDs with different light intensities are connected to each other and switched on in such a way that there is constant illumination, and only the LEDs that could dazzle other road users are switched off.

Should I buy LED or Xenon lights?

Should I buy LED or Xenon lights? If you are considering buying a new car with LED or Xenon headlights, the first question is bound to be cost. While prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, one thing is clear: Xenon headlights are less expensive than “regular” LED headlights, which are also less expensive than LED matrix headlights.

Light Output

With an LED matrix light, you see better than with a normal LED headlight, which usually has a better light output than xenon headlights. Obviously, the LED matrix light is the clear winner because it provides constant high beam illumination except in areas where there is oncoming traffic or pedestrians. If we look at the difference between LED projector headlamps and xenon headlamps, the difference is much smaller – as each offers two levels: low beam and high beam, each of which covers the entire illuminated area. Nevertheless, it is usually the case that “normal” LED lighting systems also have a slightly higher luminous efficacy than xenon headlights. LED vs Xenon – so, which one is better


The classic look of halogen lights is not exactly modern with its yellowish light. Both xenon and led car headlights usually have a bluish light and there is hardly any visual difference between xenon and LED projection lights. Details such as LED daytime running lights or LED turn signals are much more important than the lights’ lighting system. Depending on the manufacturer, the individual matrix components are not arranged like normal round lights and can give the vehicle an even more individual and modern look.

LED vs Xenon – so, which one is better?

It is difficult to say whether Xenon or LED is better. An LED light has a longer life than a xenon bulb and usually does not need to be replaced during the normal life of a car. However, these lights usually need to be replaced completely, whereas a xenon bulb can be changed like a light bulb. If you are concerned about price, xenon may be the cheaper choice – depending on the additional cost of an LED lighting system and, in the case of maintenance, how old they are. However, if you are looking for maximum light output for optimum safety, there is currently nothing better than an LED matrix system. Only for slightly older used cars can it be said that xenon headlights are probably cheaper to maintain due to the increased risk of an LED headlight breaking. Another disadvantage of xenon headlights is that not only the xenon bulb, but also the associated elements can fail and would then have to be replaced by a workshop. However, such defects hardly ever occur during the normal service life of a new car. Ultimately, you have to decide which lighting system is right for you based on the above and your car manufacturer’s price list.
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